Producing quality hosiery is more than just our business; it's a family tradition.

Silkytones, a 3rd generation family business, has its roots traced as far back as 1953, with over 60 yearsof direct industry experience coursing through our veins. Over the years, the company has grown into aproud leader and cutting-edge provider of high quality hosiery products for women, men and childrenacross a diverse range of American markets..

Then came year 2001...

The year 2001 marked Silkytones’ foray into the global marketplace. We have since established strategicpartnerships with reputable companies both domestically and worldwide, thus broadening our offercapabilities in the capacity of a highly sought-after importer.

Silkytones now produces socks, leggings, tights, pantyhose and a catalog of foot covers under our brandname label as well as under private labels for major retailers. We always stay on top of the latest fashiontrends as well as the newest technological advancements, making our products available in variousconstructions and in many quality materials.

Beyond acrylic, natural cotton, wool, nylon, poly and super poly, Silkytones also works with more uniquefibers like shrink-resistant modal and eco-friendly bamboo. Everything we offer today is backed by morethan half a century of knowledge, skill and expertise in bringing you premium leg wear products thatboast an unmatched sense of fashion and comfort.