A better pair of tights is often all you need to bring the day’s look together. But quality concerns have commonly plagued this industry. We know all too well how you wish for tights to last you through the day, week, month and season, only to be let down by subpar products that are prone to tears and runs. Silkytones is therefore heavily invested in producing woven and knit tights that kick the quality standard up a notch or two.

From our materials to our method, we have reimagined how tights are made. As manufacturers and importers of the finest legwear for dozens of American markets, we source technologically advanced fabrics that are designed to excel at functions such as elasticity, durability and skin friendliness, among others.

Our tights offers feature remarkable strength in all deniers, and are available in kids sizes, plus sizes, fishnet, support, diabetic, and maternity tights varieties.