The Silkytones philosophy is not rocket science. Ever since 1953, we have simply kept fast to the same values that have empowered our amazing growth and our customers’ continued success. That’s why our goal has never ever been to manufacturer the cheapest pair of socks. Instead, we unfailingly place the emphasis on achieving greater value and forwarding our better price-to-quality ratios to clients.

To accomplish that, we leverage our hard-earned resources, our invaluable vendor relationships, and our significant purchasing power. Through longstanding partnerships with many leading factories worldwide, we retain the ability to truly address customer needs by scouring the market for order-specific materials and designs.

Silkytones products – both under our own brand name label and under private labels – can be found with wholesalers, distributors and the most prominent retailers all across the retail spectrum including department stores, mass market outlets and specialty stores. More importantly, our growing base of satisfied clients can be found all around the world. How do we manage such reach? Simple: We obsessively focus on meeting the needs of each individual customer, and have a sterling reputation for quality while continuously succeeding in increasing our customers’ margins.