Silkytones is a vertically integrated manufacturer with direct involvement in all aspects of hosiery production. From sourcing and testing raw materials all the way through knitting, sewing, dyeing, labeling, packaging and global distribution, we choose to run our own facilities so that we may ensure critical control over product quality, turnaround schedules and label exclusivity. This is just an example of our dedication to a silky-smooth customer experience.

Our expert design team works hand-in-hand with our creative director and a number of clothing artists to achieve eye-catching design collections that constantly propel the industry towards new fashion trends. The design process is followed by production, which is where Silkytones’ technical specialties are brought into play. Our state-of-the-art facility hosts the latest word in knitting machinery in needle counts ranging from 56 to 400. We also utilize top-of-the-line dying and boarding machines that yield a product of unparalleled quality and lasting beauty.

With so many years of experience on our hands, we’ve also developed the ability to implement swift pattern changes and rapidly respond to shifts in the marketplace. This affords our clients faster lead times than those of overseas competitors, with the average turnaround from pattern receipt to production being just two weeks. Above all, every Silkytones product carries a stamp of excellence, as our quality assurance personnel maintain absolute process control all the way through delivery of goods.