Superior leggings are purposefully designed for conspicuousness and for making a style statement. “Leggings” is also a general term that encompasses a diverse category of product with periodic additions. We have carefully considered our leggings catalog, and compiled a smart list of outstanding offers that resonate with our customers and the consumer market at large – and all that from Silkytones, a true standup company. Our leggings provide you a wearing difference you can positively feel. We know that durability never goes out of style, and therefore work with the highest quality materials when crafting leggings for all ages.

Silkytones’ leggings span the gamut from junior’s to kids’ to teens’ to infants’ cotton leggings in solid and cable designs. Every pair we manufacture – from our junior’s lines to our kids’ and teens’ offers – is done with an appreciation of the nuanced design of the human foot, arch, heel, ankle, calf and knee. Silkytones’ leggings are available in an impressive variety of styles and uses, and we even welcome custom orders for all markets.