Quality socks do wonders for your feet in more ways than one. Slip on a sensational pair, and your sense of style takes an immediate leap forward. Step into a sock that’s perfect for you from a material and texture standpoint, and you’re making long strides towards healthier feet and an improved gait. Plant your feet in a striking set of performance socks, and your hands are begging for the privilege of shaking on it with your toes.

Such are the results you can expect when choosing the most distinctively crafted socks by Silkytones. With a catalog that encompasses products for all cultures, genders and ages,With a product catalog that encompasses every available industry offer, we bring you socks of a whole other quality, caliber and comfort level. So whether you are an end user, a footwear retailer or an up-and-coming sock brand, point your paces in our direction. You’ll find the following exceptional products, among others:

Mens Dress Socks

Be the best-dressed man in every room – from the office to the dance floor. We’ll help you get a leg up on the competition by outfitting you with a wardrobe’s worth of effortlessly elegant socks. For discerning consumers and retailers alike, Silkytones offers its extensive selection of men’s dress socks in various construction profiles including cushioned, moisture wicking, breathable, odor resistant, and reinforced toe and heel.

Low Cut / Ankelete

At Silkytones, we appreciate the myriad sock applications in your busy day. We know it isn’t always a matter of taking it to the knee, which is why we offer you our expertly sewn low-cut socks and slip-on anklets.

From hitting it hard at the gym to slipping into comfort at home, our products are designed to fit your life, for life. We also strength-engineer them to handle double duty, so simply wash and repurpose them, if needed.

Crew Socks

When your feet are aching, they are calling for the comforting relief of Silkytones’ luxurious crew socks. Made of soft, breathable materials, these are now available with both ribbed and non-ribbed tops.
Our crew socks hit a universally appealing mid-calf high, and are readily wearable as causal everyday footwear, durable performance sock alternatives, or simply to keep paws warm on winter nights.

Knee Highs

When chasing footwear versatility, don’t walk past the impeccably made knee highs from Silkytones, which are available as socks or nylon stockings finished with an elasticized top that perfectly rise to just below the knee.
Try them straight for cozy comfort. Slide them over tights or pantyhose for dance practice. Wear them schoolgirl-style with a cute flared skirt. Chances are, you’ll never run out of new ways to wear our knee highs.


Our performance socks are not made – they are built. Built to outperform. Built to step up your game. Built to tear up the playing field, racing track, and fighting ring. Built to give lesser products the boot.

Built with the ultimate blend of natural and high-tech materials, these machine washable socks sport rib cuffs, sweat wicking, mesh panels, compression arch support, and a left/right-specific snug, no-slip fit.

Diabetic Socks

Health, safety and comfort are made one and the same with our superior nonbinding and non-elasticated diabetic socks; they are carefully and responsibly designed to never constrict the foot or leg.
We model and test our socks to ensure they don’t restrict blood and oxygen circulation. Moisture control aids in reducing the risk of infection, while seamless toe closures alleviate pressure and blistering.